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The four crests found on the title bar above are all Holdener Crests.

From left to right:

" The first crest from Uli Holdener who was engraved on the bell to Steinen (Canton Schwyz, Switzerland)

The second crest is on the plaque of the "Steiner-Quarter". It's a little part of Steinen.

The third crest is apparently an imported Holdener family crest in Mr. Fassbinds book "History of religion", band 1, 
without indication of sources.

The fourth crest is probably the only official Holdener family crest in this century, I think, because all Holdener I 
know have this crest though we have different "fathers".

Crests 1, 2 and 3 come from the "Schwyzer-Wappenbuch", a book about family crests in Canton Schwyz.  Crest 4 I 
found in the "Historisch Biographischen Lexikon der Schweiz", an encyclopaedia. "
           --- This information is from Urs Holdener.