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Holdener Lineage

The Four Lines

The Holdener family disintigrates (zerfallen) into four different lines. It is impossible to combine the four lines because the authentic sources do not date early enough to do so. The first authentic sources say we Holdeners have four different "fathers."

  1. The Issues of Siebner Martin Holdener. There are many branches in this line ('Arther', 'Oberdorf-Pelzhalten', 'Steinerberg', 'Stolzboden'.)
  2. The Dohlen line. There are two different branches in this line.
  3. The Schmalzgruben line. There are three branches in this line.
  4. The Seewen line. This line branches from three brothers.


-- The information on this page is from Urs Holdener sent via e-mail to Don Holdener.

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