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Holdener Family Crests

Crest 2

[Crest 2]
This crest is on the plaque of the "Steiner-Quarter". It's a little part of Steinen.

Crest 4

[Crest 3]
This crest is probably the only official Holdener family crest in this century, as all known Holdeners have this crest though we have different "fathers".

Crest 1

[Crest 1]
This crest is from Uli Holdener, which was engraved on the bell to Steinen (Canton Schwyz, Switzerland).

Crest 3

[Crest 3]
This crest is apparently an imported Holdener family crest in Mr. Fassbind's book "History of religion", band 1, without indication of sources.


Crests 1, 2 and 3 come from the "Schwyzer-Wappenbuch", a book about family crests in Canton Schwyz. Crest 4 is found in the "Historisch Biographischen Lexikon der Schweiz", an encyclopaedia.

-- The information on this page is from Urs Holdener.

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