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About Us

Holdener.com was created in 1999, in an attempt to create an online resource accessible to all Holdeners around the world. The hope was to provide not only a family tree, but all other pertinent Holdener information as well (i.e. news, stories, history, etc.) The World Wide Web also provides a fast and easy way to exchange data with relatives; therefore, a submissions page exists to add, modify or delete information on this site.

The data that may be found on this site is only that of deceased relatives unless explicit permission was given by the individual or their family.

Holdener.com was designed by Anthony T. Holdener III (12th generation descendant of Martin Holdener), and is currently being maintained by him.

Site Contributors

A special thanks to all of those individuals who have contributed over the years, especially the following individuals:

  • Donald Holdener
  • Linda Cole
  • Urs Holdener
  • Walter Holdener
  • Sarah Holdener
  • Philipp Holdener
  • Virginia Holdener
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